Coming down

Here in the night so cold
I wake shivering as I come down
I'm all out of pills
As I take a bath I try not to drown
Another sleepless night I struggle
There's nothing in the bottle
All 30 tablets gone
And the pain hasn't gone away
Is it in my head so high
Do I really want to die
Here it comes again
On an empty stomach
I'm going to vomit

Mornings come and gone
But this has got to be the one
That finally takes me for good
If it's not I know that it should
If I had reached my end
I tried to reach my friend
Jesus Christ

Couldn’t let you die

A contusion
Just another illusion
Your not coming home
Tonight I'm alone
More confusion
That I'm refusing
Cut me to the bone
Here's your song
Nights I starred at the moon
Wondering if you were too
All my focus on survival
While you we're in denial
I couldn't let you die
Did you ever cry
I couldn't let you die


All the lights don't shine for you
And there's nothing you can do
The greed, the helpless need
Such a shame you had to breed
I don't want to resemble
But it's time to assemble
All these emotions
Put me in motion
All this hate and aggravation
Puts you in an awkward situation
I just want to thank you for
Reminding me you're a horror
When all the lights go out
I can still hear you shout
Must've lost count long ago
Of all the bruises you know
You put them there
And you don't care
I'm so messed up, remember
You're colder than December

One of the greats

I might never be the best

But I’m one of the greats

Forget about the rest

I’m the kind you hate


I’m going to make you remember 

Just like your favorite number 

With a better reflection 

Accept I’m changing direction 

Not less but no more

Than I was before

Cause I’m the same man

Doing all that I can


Remind me

How you’re going to find me

In a noose

Or throwing up the deuce 


I might never be the best

But I’m one of the greats

Fire bells

Take off your skin and stay a while

Fashion sense or lack of style 

But really who would mind

A girl like you is hard to find

I don’t mind

I don’t mind

I don’t mind

Lost my mind

I wasn’t there when the fire started 

So I don’t know the dear departed 

I kind of like the way it smells

When I hear fire bells

I don’t mind

If you don’t mind

I don’t mind

I lost my mind

I’ve never tried 

Can’t make the music any louder

Can’t seem to place these evil voices

For all I know I’m doing it wrong

Live or die two different choices 


I don’t like living 

Not sure if I’d like death

I’ve never tied 

Here is my last breath 


Love to finish this poem

In my head I’m not alone 

Maybe it’s time to die

Goodbye goodbye 

I’m in need of help I’m Fucking breaking down. I’m sick of holding it in. I’m dying inside. I feel so useless the world might be better without me. Put new life de in my place. Give someone else in the earth. The fight in my head everyday to carry on is getting harder. I smoke so much but it won’t kill me fast enough. Overlooked and under appreciated. All accomplishments are in the past. I am dead I am dead.